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Managing employee talent is vital to the success of any organization. We at UNC Executive Development provide unique learning experiences and create customized executive development solutions for our partners.

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Executive Development:  Our Approach

Managing employee talent is vital to the success of any organization. We at UNC Executive Development provide unique learning experiences to create solutions for our partners.

Our approach to program design and delivery draws upon the power of real-world, applicable experiences from our faculty and staff, integrated with the knowledge our client partners share about the challenges they face.

We combine traditional with experiential and unique learning. Through action learning and business simulation activities, we challenge participants to think, reflect, and make decisions differently.

Our goal is to provide unique, memorable, and transformational learning impacting individuals, as well as the organization itself.

We challenge participants to:

  • Draw upon their own experiences
  • Learn from the faculty’s expertise
  • Exchange ideas and network with other executives
  • Reflect and apply new learning

Our Approach: The Partnership

Our team customizes each leadership program through a highly collaborative process that involves our clients, program directors, faculty, and program managers. This integrated approach consistently drives strong outcomes. From the early stages of assessment and development, to the design and delivery of the program, our team constantly seeks client input and feedback. Our goal is to listen, respond and deliver executive education programs that exceed expectations. In this partnership, we cross the finish line together.

Our Approach: The Results

Businesses review investments constantly in order to stay strong in an ever changing economy. Aligning with a learning partner to provide strategic leadership and business development requires the same level of attention as portfolio management. Continuing executive education is an essential part of being competitive and realizing positive outcomes. Our executive education programs are designed with results in mind. We create solutions for your challenges. Below are a few examples of the results our client partners have achieved.

Our Results

  • Leadership refocused with new strategy and cohesive vision
  • Strategic plans created for the global marketplace
  • Supply chains streamlined
  • Products redefined
  • New markets targeted
  • Cost-saving measures developed
  • Silos leveled
  • Teams aligned

Participants leave empowered to bring in new ideas, present different ways to grow business, and tackle challenges. The result is stronger individuals leading stronger teams and organizations.

Resource Library

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For over sixty years, UNC Executive Development has partnered with organizations to create customized executive programs to answer their business challenges. Our teaching and learning philosophy combines powerful program content with real-world experience. Whether participating in an action learning exercise or a simulation, our participants learn from the experience. Experiential learning enables them to learn from other participants, faculty, our staff, and even from their environment. Our goal is to create transformational learning that has a profound effect on how an individual thinks, learns and applies their new knowledge to business.

We listen to our clients’ needs and develop a deep understanding of their businesses and industries. We also make a commitment to each organization to meet its goals and objectives while providing ongoing support and client management. By first listening to our clients, we are able to create executive programs uniquely designed to fit their specific needs and business challenges.


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